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What did you feed your skin today?Your skin is the largest most critical organ of your body...what did you feed your skin today? As strange as that may sound, we feed our bodies, give our heart a workout( most days!) , but what did you concsiously do for your skin today? Sadly we are an instant gratification society. I tell my clients, it took you most of your adult life to "earn" the damage, its not leaving in a real hurry! (certainly not without invasive treatments or procedures)
Most of us never think past the point of havng a shower or maybe a luxurious bath. Did you know that almost 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed to some degree.A lot like the quality of food choices we make daily~ organic or at least whole foods, fresh friuts, raw veggies & grains, leads to a healthy lifestyle, the products we choose for our skin, especially for our face is going to reflect on how our skin looks & ages. I believe that skincare is part of the daily healthy lifestyle that needs to be incorporated in to our routines. European & Asian women have skincare instilled at a very young age, so it is naturally part of their routine. However in North America, we often don't really consider skincare seriously until we suddenly look in the miror & realize...OMG I have some serious damage, that "suddenly" appeared! We need to stop this crazy spiral. Prevention is better than cure & this really truly applies to skincare. Start with the basics, early enough & drastic measures, such as surgery or injectables may not be required!
Clients ask me everyday,"How do I begin?" Seek out a skincare professional in your area & book a consultation, or better still book an appoinment to have a Facial Treatment. They should be able to create a personalized program for your skins needs.
My absolute priority product for most clients is an Exfoliant. People are sometimes puzzled, but I tell them, that without removing the dead skin cells:

1) That create a barrier, the "food for your skin" (your skincare products) will NOT be able to penetrate the skins surface to actually create any change in the skins condition.

2) We actually look older than we are, when exfoliation is not being done effectivley & regularly.

3) You will actually be wasting products, as the dead skin cells act like dry sponges, sucking up all the moisture, so your skin, doesn't get much at all!

4) By exfoliating the skin, you are allowing your skin to glow naturally & improve absorption to a deeper layer of
the skin.

5) Reduce flakiness & possible itchyness.

6) Have a smoother "canvas" to apply make-up & you may actually find , you will need less to cover your face due to a more even texture & it glows naturally.

7) Do you know the best way to come home from a vacation, tanned evenly & NOT be peeling for weeks afterwards? Exfoilate your body at least 2 to 3 times the 2 or so weeks prior to sun exposure & nourish & hydrate your body well, even when on vacation for a "dewy" golden glow!

Have a burning skincare question for me? Add a comment or email me, I would be thrilled to hear from you!

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