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Knowledge [Links]: Social Media and Branding

Social Media: It’s All Part of a Master Plan ── While showing up to the party represents a noteworthy effort, a bona fide social media strategy this checklist does not make. Creating presences, listening to conversations tied to keywords and superfluously responding to updates and questions creates a facade of engagement that is at best trivial. And, quite frankly, without a true investment of intention, attention and conviction (I.I.A.C.), we minimize the opportunity before us as well as the thoughts, emotions, and overall potential of our communities rich with would be advocates and influencers. [Full article here]

Crafting a Branded Content Strategy ── As marketers continue to shell out millions for banner, paid search, video and mobile ads every year, they are starting to wonder if these massive investments in “paid media” ads are worth it. After all, a recent Deloitte & Touche study found that 75% of U.S. consumers consider Internet ads intrusive, and many estimates report more than 90% of Internet advertising is ignored. [Full article here]

The Importance of Online Branding ── Once you establish a company, branding is one of the most important things you can do. “Making a name for yourself” is more than a few billboards and commercials; you have to build up a reputation. If you want to become a household name, or anything close to it, a lot of hard work and dedication has to be put into your efforts. Nowadays, people are moving towards pull marketing as opposed to push marketing. Push meaning you’re going to the consumer; pull meaning the consumer is coming to you. Naturally people see push methods as traditional ways of doing things, like using print. A lot of pull tactics are used online. More companies should now be focusing on pull branding, or online branding. [Full article here]

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