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I am resistance,

many times, in many ways

in every day.

Despite this, and because of this,

I continue to push, to reach out

for new ways to manifest myself and the world

by being in love with the stumbling,

trembling, tentative steps towards

innovation and invention.

I am this trembling sphere,

with its cracks and bruises of doubt and hope -

I wonder what it might mean to believe in me -

to trust there is a guiding hand that is not my own,

cupped and ready to receive what I offer.

Even so, and even then,

all I have is this magnificent, impotent breath,

which I forget,

of course,

many times, in many ways

in every day

even as I remind you of yours.

What do you do to push yourself past the blocks and limitations that come when you’re stepping outside your comfort zone? You can’t draw on memories or experiences that reflect back to you your level of competence or expertise when you’re moving towards something new precisely because it is new and therefore somewhat uncharted.

This can be scary, unsettling, leaving you feeling like you have one foot in the old and familiar, and one foot wanting to firmly plant itself in this new direction. Our minds don’t like incongruency, and so will battle it out to try to bring things back to center.

Know this, but don’t let it be the thing that stops you. Take small, focused steps towards your goals and aspirations and allow yourself to create new memories that your mind can draw upon with greater ease and less resistance.

How does resistance show up in your life?


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