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Health insurance reform & the death panel, what are we really afraid of?

This was going to be a more upbeat blog this week, but I’m so angry about the way the health insurance reform proposal has been trashed, that it’s time for my two cents. First of all how many of you that have health insurance are happy with it? Not satisfied; happy. If you’re old enough to remember Woodstock, you’re old enough to remember when health insurance covered all doctors, and every procedure. Under managed care, none of my regular doctors are covered, so not only am I shelling out for insurance, then there are the doctors bills on top of that. So what exactly am I paying thousands of dollars a year for? We all know health insurance in this country is expensive, and unsustainable. Why can’t people stop shouting, and take a reasoned look at what’s being proposed?
The extent to which certain people have gone to to “misinterpret” the bill the House passed, is really disgusting. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t given thought to what they would want if confronted with a life ending disease/condition? Haven’t we all said at sometime to someone we care about, “Just put a gun to my head”? If only they could…And now, we are being given the option, under Medicare to have regular conversations with our doctors, about how we would like to exit this world. What could possibly be wrong with that? Dr. McCullough in his well reasoned book “My Mother, Your Mother” speaks to the importance of advance directives, and the need for their constant updating as situations change. The other critical need is that all family members are aware of what the advance directives contain and the documents must be readily available in case of an emergency.

The best way stop giving credence to the whack jobs and insurance lobby’s? Go online and download the advance directives for your state(s), fill them out, make copies, and let the people in your life who love you, know what’s in them and where they are.

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