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For many of us Baby Boomers it's time for a clean start. We just changed our oil and did a tune up on our bodies, rotated our tires, and updated our wills. I do believe we go through stages in our lives that are very natural. We have gone past our childhood years, our young adult years (remember when our skin didn't sag?), and we sailed through our 40′s.

We got married and raised our families. Those who didn't marry or have children probably married a career. Now, the off spring are out on their own starting lives and careers. So, where are we Boomers going now?

Some of you have grandchildren to watch or help raise. Some of us are still waiting for those grand kids to come along. Our lives have changed... in a good way. My wife and I just down sized from a home and four sons to a two bedroom apartment with just the two of us. I guess for me the clean start is knowing my sons are now taking care of themselves with good jobs and shedding myself of all responsibilities of taking care of a home.

This apartment we just moved into is freedom for Kathy and me. It's the next stage of our lives together. Carefree living is a new start for us. I almost feel guilty because I dumped so much from my life (come on Phil... it's time to enjoy this next step). OK, OK.

I'll be totally frank with you. Kathy and I are having a great deal of fun with this new start. We don't miss our home because we have all those memories locked up in our heads. Our sons and daughters-in-law come over to the apartment as much as they came over to the house. The good things haven't changed, and the carefree lifestyle is a great addition to our lives together.

For those of you thinking about a change... try it, you'll like it.


Phil McMillan

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