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Resolutions -- Part of our daily 2012 life, or a novelty discarded tomorrow?

Too often they falter and fade, not yielding permanent change.  Resolutions require daily attention, discipline, faith and diligence.  Think how long it's taken for your youthful ideals to erode into culturally acceptable "should-ofs" and "would-ofs".
Don't look for the quick fix.  Look for an ongoing metamorphosis.  Apply the wisdom you've gained from life's trials and worries.
And relax.  Light some incense.  Groove on your favorite sounds. Give your mind free…

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Leaving a Legacy -- Altruistic or Egotistical?

A well lived life leaves a legacy of missions. Missions that transform not only ourselves, but others.

Why do people who believe they lived in a previous life always think that they were Joan of Arc or Alexander the Great in their celestial past? If it is true we have walked the earth before in a different incarnation, then most likely we were a scullery maid or foot soldier. History may never chronicle our past life story, but who’s to say that the…


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America, Change it or lose it -- Words that bonded a generation

Have we lost it? Has The Establishment proved victorious? Politicians on both sides of the aisle claiming “Change” have only succeeded in “Changing” the world’s impression of America. Bureaucrats remained bureaucratic. Our generation, high on ideals, fell victim to a life of status quo, regardless of the stakes. Have all we done was to aid and abet the Establishment to flourish? We all know why we bought-in. That isn’t important. It’s what we do now with our passion: for a life that could…


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America, Love it or leave it -- Words that separated generations. What are we doing to move our country forward?

 Parents in the sixties got uptight when their kids challenged society’s standards.  It was a paradox.  Young Americans were told to leave a country founded on free speech for exercising free speech.  This country’s strength is its foundation of ideas grounded in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  All ideas are placed in the mix. …


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40th Anniversary of Earth Day

Flower Power in the 21st Century? Can it thrive in a toxic world?

Flower Children of the sixties didn't know a recycling bin from a catalytic converter. But today our air is cleaner, the water tastier. With environmental awareness, our society has achieved great accomplishments over the last forty years. Unfortunately, it’s…


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When life was simple

Remember when life was simple?  All about a suburban home, a station wagon and a white picket fence?

Baby Boomers didn't protest against this "Established Life".  To the contrary, the life style of the sixties, except for an unjust war, of course, was unparalleled.  Opportunities abounded. Horatio Alger was in his glory.  Credit wasn't…


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Mardi Gras Spirit

One morning a year, while most sip coffee from Styrofoam cups on our way to work, a group of Mardi Gras revellers are downing their fourth brew.

Most Americans don't think twice about their daily grind on this day before Ash Wednesday. But, for the happy few in Southeast Louisiana, no business is transacted on this day that care forgot. On Fat Tuesday, work a day people magically transform into pirates, maidens, Kings and Queens, embracing the rhythms of Jazz cornets and…


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People are often afraid to share their path.

People are often afraid to share their path.

Why is that? Why does the co-worker deny knowledge to the new man on the job? Why does a father deny knowledge to his daughter, too busy perhaps? Why does the pedestrian deny knowledge to the driver who is lost?

At any time in our lives we are at a place where all our learning, all our knowledge – all our journey so far down life’s path – can be of help to others. Our choice is to lead and help others, or clutter our path, hide our… Continue

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What does it take?

What does it take?

Sit-ins in the sixties were seen by the Establishment as aggressive. Causing public anxiety and consternation. Their world threatened. Hopes, dreams and accomplishments called into question. As with the Butterfly, small wings of discontent stirred up a tempest. Ultimately, it was overreaction which caused bodily harm and death. But there was change. In government, in cultural affairs, in individuals. We can pursue our crusade. We can beat our wings. There can be…


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We bask in the light

We bask in the light.

Over time, light has become synonymous with joy. It caresses our optimism, understanding and revelation. Darkness has become the portent of despair, ignorance, death. A pall is cast over our dreams by naysayers. They tell us the reasons we won’t succeed. The Sixties’ “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” was a vibrant renaissance for positive change. Its light bathed hopes.

Darkness can only shadow your dreams if you doubt.



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What happened to people asking questions?

What happened to people asking questions?

Have parents become afraid of their children’s answers?

Are bosses so insecure they don’t want to hear contradictory facts?

Do we not care what our spouse thinks?

How is it attorney’s only ask questions they know the answer?

Why do our public servants think they have all the answers?

Isn’t it sad that our thoughts aren’t valued?

Don’t we all have messages… Continue

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New generations can look at the 60's idealism or 80's greed.

Legacies are last impressions. As with your first, you only have one chance to make a last impression. Never knowing when keeps us honest, true to our words, our fiber.…


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Evolution rather than Revolution

“..the trick is to assert ourselves creatively before the fist gets clinched.”…


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