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Making Retirement Good for You and Your Family

So, you're retired. You may eventually get a job or volunteer at the Y, but for now you enjoy sleeping in, planning your own time, puttering around the house. This relaxation may be just what you need after years in the daily grind, but how will it affect your family?

If your spouse is already retired or has been a stay-at-home worker, your arrival might be a mixed blessing. If your…


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Will my (friend, spouse, significant other) retire at the same time?

When you think of what you want to do in retirement, you are not just planning for yourself if you have a spouse or significant other (SO). When one person suddenly has time on their hands and often less income available for household expenses and discretionary spending, you need to have plenty of discussions to make sure that each of you gets at least some of the retirement you desire while keeping your relationship intact. Just because you are married or in a relationship…


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Structuring Your Retirement: Quitting, Staying Put, or Changing Jobs

Some people look at their lives and say, "I don't ever want to retire." If you are in good health, enjoy most aspects of your job, and want the income, why should you? The question becomes "Will you remain in the same job or change jobs?"

retirement money Work gives structure to life, and can give purpose to it as well. You may like the routine of work, what you do, and who you work with. If you have been at the same place for years, you may be in a salary…


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Boomer Business Start-Up Strategy #4


Once you have done your research, you must follow through.  This calls for commitment.  Commitment is manifested in a variety of ways, one of which includes determination.  Once you’ve committed to your business, you must be unwavering.  With this mindset, you won’t vacillate back and forth.

Sadly, this is a…


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Boomer Business Start-Up Strategy #3

Do Your Homework

In past articles we have discussed the plight of so many Boomers who have either been laid off or simply feel unfulfilled in their present career.  Whatever the situation, many Boomers have decided to pull…


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PBS - As the health reform debate plays out in the U.S., some Americans are finding new ways and new places to get medical care.

Dear All,

This December 31st, 2009 PBS published this story by Ray Suarez. It is really illustrative and open Baby Boomers eyes to other options to improve their quality of life by thinking out of the Box.

You can see the 8 minutes video CLICKING HERE

After you see this video, you will feel peace of mind knowing that there are other alternatives for… Continue

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Retirement Home-Where to Live?

The concept of home takes on a completely new meaning in retirement. In fact, home is considered on of the foundation elements, in addition to health and finances.

Right now, the primary question is what do we want in our new home? Not just the home, but what factors determine the community and surrounding area? These are all questions to consider.

Research shows very few people actually move to a new retirement location. I'd like to know if it's something you are… Continue

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