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Boomer Business Start-Up Strategy #4


Once you have done your research, you must follow through.  This calls for commitment.  Commitment is manifested in a variety of ways, one of which includes determination.  Once you’ve committed to your business, you must be unwavering.  With this mindset, you won’t vacillate back and forth.

Sadly, this is a…


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Boomer Business Start-Up Strategy #3

Do Your Homework

In past articles we have discussed the plight of so many Boomers who have either been laid off or simply feel unfulfilled in their present career.  Whatever the situation, many Boomers have decided to pull…


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Issues that unmarried couples face

They say statistics don’t lie.  According to the Census Bureau, the number of opposite-sex unmarried couples living together increased by 13% in 2010.  It also estimates that the number of same-sex couples living together rose roughly 30% in 2010.  And apparently the total of single people living together is expected to continue growing.  This may be due to younger couples delaying marriage, older couples choosing not to remarry, and most states’ current prohibition of gay…


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Baby Boomer Tools - Fannie Mae Launches Borrower Education Site

This just in from Chris McLaughlin at SmartReal :

Fannie Mae is launching a borrower-facing outreach site designed to educate distressed homeowners on potential retention strategies and foreclosure alternatives. The online education resource — available in…


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Upside-Down Boomer Home Owners Face Tough Choices. What are the Alternatives?

Baby Boomer homeowners who are “upside down” in their mortgages face tough choices. Their home equity evaporated when the recession hit, and now they owe more on the property than it is worth. Perhaps they have lost their jobs too. Probably their savings have been reduced. They look around the neighborhood and see that properties similar to theirs are selling at two-thirds or even less of their mortgage amount. What action should they take? What are their alternatives?

This is…


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Beneficiaries Who Do You Choose? Rock, Paper, Scissors, IRA, 401K?

Not sure how this came up, it might be because of the ability to transfer your IRA to a Roth IRA this year, but I recently started thinking about who my beneficiaries should be, and how you choose them. Everyone is used to just signing spouses, parents, kids, on insurance and retirement plans, but are there guidelines? Is there a smart way to approach this?

Understand that my list isn’t very long. My husband of course, but if we go together, then what? Since we don’t have… Continue

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Use Your Stuff to Bless Others

You don’t need me to tell you that times are economically challenging right now. This true story of a recent estate I handled may give us all new perspectives on our accumulated stuff.

I had to clean out the home of a lady who passed away. The family had already been given all the items they wanted from her home. What to do with the rest of the belongings?

Often a family wants to donate the remainder of the belongings to charity and doesn’t have a preference where to… Continue

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PBS - As the health reform debate plays out in the U.S., some Americans are finding new ways and new places to get medical care.

Dear All,

This December 31st, 2009 PBS published this story by Ray Suarez. It is really illustrative and open Baby Boomers eyes to other options to improve their quality of life by thinking out of the Box.

You can see the 8 minutes video CLICKING HERE

After you see this video, you will feel peace of mind knowing that there are other alternatives for… Continue

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Do Dogs go to Heaven?

Last week, while posting on blogher, I came across a fascinating piece about a new service to care for your pets (and in four states: horses, camels, llamas and donkeys) after “the Rapture”. The service, Eternal Earthbound Pets has a team of “confirmed atheists” who “will still be here on Earth… Continue

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Avoid Your Own Astor Disaster or Where There’s A Will…

While it’s safe to say that no members of the Astor family will be taking away the Nobel Peace Prize (and congrats to President Obama) that’s not to say that we all haven’t been following the drama as it unfolds. Most of us are not in that financial stratosphere (and if you are, how about investing in this… Continue

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7 Steps To Staging your home

Statistics say that Professionally Staged homes can potentionally sell 50% faster, and for up to 10% more.

You want to create a welcoming atmosphere and ambiance as well as an emotional connection with your prospective buyers. Here are 7 Helpful Steps to increase your bottom line and expedite your sale.

1. Curb Appeal: Fresh paint, manicured yard and bright flowers are warm and welcoming.

2. Keep your windows and home sparkling clean.

3. Fresh… Continue

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Tax Advantages For Baby Boomers

Propositions 60 and 90 Tax Benefits 55+

Question: Am I eligible to transfer my Tax


Answer: Yes, if you fit the requirements


Propositions 60 and 90

In most cases, these constitutional tax

initiatives allow senior citizens to transfer

the trended base value from their

current home to a replacement property

if certain requirements are met.

This may result in substantial tax savings.

Who Qualifies?

If you or… Continue

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