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Affordable, too. When we are older, our families are smaller. Gone are the racing toddlers, the needy

school kids, the teenagers spreading out like viruses in the living room. So who needs a big house with a yard?

There are lots of interesting trends these days. There is the “Tiny House Movement,”

in which people buy micro houses outright and…


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Mobility and Personal Emergency Response Systems, Boomers and shifting expectations

Another week, this time a look at the future of healthy aging. Yesterday kicked off the first of a two-year Think Tank initiative sponsored by Philips through its Center for Health and

. The purpose of this Think Tank is to consider and flesh

out ideas about what it means globally to age successfully -- with

implications about future requirements…


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Baby Boomers and Our Parents...

Baby Boomers and our parents... a unique situation. Those of us fortunate enough to still have parents (or a parent) have a precious gift.

Our parents have been through so much and have so much to offer concerning their life experiences. I have lost my mother and father but both of…


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21st Century Small Business DIY Their Own Marketing

With so many things available through technology to market and reach your customer directly today…why don’t more business owners take on more of their own marketing efforts?

You would have to have been on another planet this past decade not to know we have entered into a new business era. This is so a direct-to-consumer market now. People want customization and personalization and a one-to-one experience. The middle man and gatekeepers are dying off by the droves in every…


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Baby Boomers and Laughter… It Was the Best of Times

Baby Boomers and laughter… it was the best of times. Think about what we saw in the 60’s and 70’s on TV and at the movies. We grew up with Johnny Carson and watched him before we went to bed. Millions of women in this country slept with Johnny every night.

Boomer audiences responded to the irreverent humor of the time by becoming weekly watchers of “Laugh In” and “Saturday Night Live.” Members of both shows became instant stars and many went on to movie careers.

People made time… Continue

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Boomers: You need to Rethink Seeking Full Time Jobs With GenXers.

In my coaching practice, I often hear complaints from job seekers over 50 regarding not being considered for a full time position by a GenXer.

“I was fully qualified and it makes no sense” is the most common complaint. “They simply don’t know how to hire” is another one. “They told me that I was over qualified” is a favorite objection. Other comments cannot be repeated.

To put some perspective on it, here are some observations I have made both as a coach and executive… Continue

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Upside-Down Boomer Home Owners Face Tough Choices. What are the Alternatives?

Baby Boomer homeowners who are “upside down” in their mortgages face tough choices. Their home equity evaporated when the recession hit, and now they owe more on the property than it is worth. Perhaps they have lost their jobs too. Probably their savings have been reduced. They look around the neighborhood and see that properties similar to theirs are selling at two-thirds or even less of their mortgage amount. What action should they take? What are their alternatives?

This is…


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7 Tips to Increase Brainpower for Sandwiched Boomers

By Rosemary Lichtman, Ph.D. and Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D.

Have you found this article by surfing the Internet for topics of interest? Or responded to a Google Alert about a subject that concerns you - brainpower, aging parents, growing children, nourishing relationships, family conflicts, Sandwiched Boomers? If so,…


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Healthy Wealthy Boomer Good News Report # 3 - How to Maximize Physical Strength as We Age

Strength is an important topic, particularly for Baby Boomers.


How can Baby Boomers maximize physical strength as we age? The place to start is choosing to be strong. Choose strength. Choose physical power. Incorporate it into your values and your beliefs and into the physical expression of who you are.

The Good News...

The good news is that age and…


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“Top 5″ Activities That Keep Baby Boomers in Shape…

Here is my “Top 5″ list of activities that will keep us Baby Boomers in

shape for the rest of our lives. Baby Boomers need to stay in shape… we

still have a lot to do. We must help our children and grandchildren take

over this country (and keep the riff raff out). Hey, they need our

experience, right? Of course they do.

On a more serious note, we owe them what we know. We need to help them

avoid our mistakes. We should want our children to do better than… Continue

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Retirement Communities – Evolution, Revolution or Intent?

The on-coming Baby Boomer retirement tsunami has piqued the interest not only of builders and developers but has also attracted the interest of many small communities.

As communities initiate programs to attract retirees they look to other communities with successful programs they can model. The final product is most frequently discussed. However, it is the process which is the most critical aspect in creating the desired end result. Generally speaking, there are three distinctive… Continue

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Don't African American Baby Boomers Count?

I figure this is the BEST place to air my grievance over the exclusion of black baby boomers. Every time we hear about baby boomers, we are being given the picture of how we grew up in the "good old days" where life was much simpler. Any time there is a discussion about baby boomers, blacks are rarely, if ever, involved in the discussion.

Case in point: The 7th annual baby boomer summit is happening in Chicago. Not one panelist (based on my last look) is a black baby boomer?…


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Tom Brokaw’s Report on Baby Boomers… Disappointing

I watched the Tom Brokaw Report on Baby Boomers the other night and I

have to say that I found much of it disappointing. He might as well have

done a study on the NBC reporting of the 60’s which was, as I

remembered it, just a sliver of the reality of the 60’s here in the USA.

Come on, Tom. You’re better than that. I like Tom Brokaw, I really do. I

disagree with him on many issues but he comes across as a decent

honorable man. But now I’m wondering if… Continue

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"You've Got To Have Friends" The Importance of Socializing For Those Age 55+

There was a song that was made popular by Bette Midler in 1973 called “You’ve Got To Have Friends”. Friendships and socializing with others is important at any age, but especially in the 55+ years.…


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Boomers in the middle...of self-delusion?

Baby boomers born between 1952 and 1958 -- not getting old any time soon. I've often thought that one end of the baby boomer age range has nothing in common with the other end. Okay, that doesn't mean that it should be sub-divided into three groups. But so it goes -- MetLife released its Boomers in the Middle report about the attitudes of this age range of… Continue

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Smoke Signals and Caregiving Apps -- What should they do

The year of the 'care'. As one VC executive, Andy Donner of Physic Ventures, noted recently, this is the year of the 'care'. There seems to be a growing list of vendors who are trying to offer some sort of 'keep in touch' product that connects an older person with family members who may live elsewhere. The basic element is to provide some means to signal 'concerned about you' from family members and obtain the response 'I'm all right' from the older… Continue

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Recruiting Retirees to Rural Towns

A growing awareness among small rural towns has led many to seek ways to enhance their competitive position for recruiting larger percentages of the rapidly expanding boomer population. The 65 and older population reached 38 million in 2008 and based on bureau of census projections the over 65 age group will expand to 85 million by 2050. Although national developers will continue to capture their share of the boomer population, it is apparent that existing rural communities can enhance their… Continue

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Boomer Lunch Retirement Style

By Robert Fowler, Retirement Media Inc.

I have always been a fast eater and could finish a lunch at work in time to do errands and be back at my desk on time. But it was no pleasure and was fast, crowded and many times expensive.

Now that I am retired, at home and flexible, I have discovered a simple pleasure that I frequently look forward to: going out for lunch. No I am not talking about the retirement lunch when you are leaving a company. I am talking about going out… Continue

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Pink-Slipped Boomers Look at the Bright Side

All of us know friends who have lost their jobs in this recession. Some of us have been looking for new employment as well. To lighten this transition period (which, of course, will lead to something better-and maybe totally unexpected),

a new blog has appeared, and it describes the new and hilarious experiences of the Boomer male, suddenly taking over the many chores of the household as he searches daily for a new… Continue

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