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I hear and read a lot of conflicting "research" on the solvency of Social Security.  There are nearly 80 million boomers.  Will there be enough money to pay out what has been promised?  Maybe for those of us who were born before 1950, but what about those boomers who are only 47 or 48 years old?  I never expected to "retire" in the conventional sense, but will most of us be working for the rest of our lives? How do we gear up or brace outselves as we approach between 65 and 70 years old and still live a quality, abundant life?  Experts speak up and render some opinions and advice for us!!

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In my opinion, we should have had the option to take part of that money all along to invest on our own terms. I suspect that all along there has been some tapping into the fund. I have no proof of that, just a hunch. That said, all of us, no matter whether we were born before or after 1950 better step it up and come up with a plan to care for ourselves. Part of that should be long term care insurance, and no I don't sell insurance. 

I am a believer in Dave Ramseys philosphy of being debt free and saving money like crazy. We are stll working to pay off our home as fast as we can. We all, including our government, better tighten our belts. We will have to adopt our grandparents example, use it up, wear it out, do without. We need to actively help each other, and put our heads together to find a solution. Just my two cents





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