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The Baby Boomer Guidebook - January 18, 2016

Baby Boomers,

Have you had enough of the football already?  No way, right?

It seems like weekends in January have become the domain of the NFL.  What's more rewarding than watching these incredibly powerful, blood lusting and predominately under educated gladiators ripping each others heads off and getting paid millions to do it?

Nothing, as far as the typical NFL fan is concerned.  I know, don't generalize.  Yes, there are incredibly well educated and intelligent players on the field but what drives the ratings?  The incredible feats of athleticism, strength, meanness and those occasional high-flying, helmet to helmet, head-busting tackles in the secondary, right?

Have you ever heard of the provocatively named Wonderlic Test?  I didn't think so. I hadn’t heard of it either. Turns out, it’s used by every NFL team to determine not strength, not speed, not toughness but intelligence level of it's players.

There is a Dallas Cowboy, corner back Morris Claiborne who was picked an amazing 6th player in the NFL Draft a couple of years ago.  He makes millions.......millions.  Most of us can only aspire to that level of income.  

Is he a good football player...yes.  
Does he know and do his job well........yes.  
Does he know how to read and write........probably not.  

He reportedly scored a 4 (out of a possible 50) on the Wonderlic Test.  What does that tell us middle class Baby Boomers?  

Mr. Claiborne’s pitiful score suggests that he spent 3 years playing football at one of the highest ranked public universities in the nation (LSU) and came out functionally illiterate.  Do you think this guy reads the paper, watches the news (other than sports) or even knows what Huffington Post, CNN or Forbes is?

Probably not.

My point here is that I am pretty damn confident in my generalization that, unlike Mr. Claiborne,  my followers are intelligent, perceptive and well informed about the world around them.  They read, they write and they understand that the world is much more far-reaching than just what's happening on a football field.  That's why I bring you The Baby Boomer Guidebook.  While we may not make a million dollars a year playing games (yes it's a game), I bet we could pass the Wonderlic Test with flying colors. 

Check out a few of the great articles this week:

OK, maybe that last article would be interesting to to Morris Claiborne.....Just saying?

If you need to be convince further that most of the NFL players aren't rocket scientists, check out this quote from the Houston Texans superstar defensive end J.J. Watt:

“I remember squaring up at the line for the first time as a rookie, and the tight end across from me is just staring me right in the eye and chewing on a dead bird. I thought to myself, ‘Damn, people never chewed dead birds in college. The NFL ain’t no joke.’ Now, four years later, I see players chewing on all kinds of dead animals and it never fazes me for a second.” 

All righty then !!

If you found today’s blog helpful, interesting, or even funny, I bet your friends would too. 

It's easy to tell them about it.

Forward it on to them or just email them my blog link

The more Baby Boomers we can help, the better place we make this world !!!

Thanks for joining me..............................

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